Wednesday’s Parent: College prep red flags

Watch out for college prep red flags. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

Watch out for college prep red flags. Photo by Wendy David-Gaines

Research proved what parents already know: bad behavior can demolish college dreams despite student academic smarts and talents. The range of poor choices run the gamut from awful sleep habits to partying. Parents can pick up the early warning signs and join with their students to address the issues that block success.

First, review the studies which led to two apps to raise GPA. Then go over these 6 tips to deal with partying and your college-bound teen from a previous Wednesday’s Parent. Finally, be wary of changes in your student’s behavior.

Constant drowsiness and irritability may signal more than teenage angst. So can missing deadlines for school work and college prep activities. Lack of motivation and vastly changing interests may also be a red flag. Parents can use the parent-student team to discuss concerns about partying, studying, class attendance, sleep habits, physical activity and socializing. They can also speak with teachers and counselors.

A college education is a privilege that is earned through dedication and commitment. Troubles may arise that divert the college prep course. The earlier the problems are identified, the sooner families can work together for solutions.

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